Kapoor’s Cafe, HSR

Last weekend we were looking for some good Punjabi food nearby, when I remembered Kapoor’s Cafe had recently opened a branch in HSR. The eatery is spread across two floors, one with the usual table & chair seating and another one with dhaba style charpais/khatiyas (woven rope beds).

The restaurant doesn’t have valet parking, but that’s the good thing about HSR, it’s never difficult to find a parking place in front of restaurants πŸ™‚

We wanted to get some takeaway and placed an order for pudina khasta paratha, khasta paratha, matar paneer and dal makhni(you cannot go to a Punjabi place and leave without having dal makhni πŸ™‚ ). Their menu is pretty big and has lots of combos as well. I also noticed white butter, but I guess that won’t be suitable for takeaway/home delivery.

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Leon Grill, HSR Layout

I had never imagined getting decadent brownies at a place which mostly serves Turkish and Arabian food, but we’ll get to that later πŸ™‚ I had been meaning to visit this place for a while now, and finally managed to yesterday.

Their menu has mostly non-vegetarian fares, and I got myself a chicken doner wrap. And while it was getting prepared, I noticed brownies on display and picked up one πŸ˜€ They also have a very tempting waffle counter, which I plan to try out next time.

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Ministry of Pizza, Koramangala

Just as I start thinking that I have tried all the pizza places in Koramangala, a new place with an amusing name pops up! Love this city πŸ™‚

Ministry of pizza serves delicious pizzas and has beer on tap. What’s not to love! The place is located right opposite to Nagarjuna and looks charming. They have outdoor as well as indoor seating. They also have an open kitchen outside and you can see the pizzas getting baked right in front of you.

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Medium crush pizza and more @Cafe Nation, Koramangala

I’m pretty sure you are thinking of pointing out the typo (medium crush) in my heading. Don’t worry, it’s not one πŸ™‚

I think we have now run out of yet-to-be-tried places inΒ Kormangala and HSR that serve thin crust pizzas. Over the weekend, we were wandering in JNC lane, Koramangala looking for another restaurant, when Mr. H spotted this place and we decided to try out the pizzas here.

It’s a cafe with very simple and neat decor, and a big menu which boasts of different kinds of burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, waffles and much more. They have a tempting breakfast menu too, I’m hoping I’ll get to try it sometime πŸ™‚

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Pizzas and more @Whooppeezz, BTM Layout

Went here while coming back from some Durga pujo pandals. This outlet is smaller than its Koramangala counterpart. For some reason the place was completely empty that day.

I placed an order for Mama’s pizza, cheese & mushroom garlic bread and nachos with cheese sauce & salsa. Service was painfully slow, just like the other outlet.

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Biryani love @Paradise, Koramangala

I was having a major biryani craving this weekend (hadn’t had biryani for a while :D), and wanted to try out a new place. The first place that occurred to me was Paradise and I decided to get a takeaway.

For some inexplicable reason, traffic was so much better than usual and we reached the restaurant soon. It is located on the busy 80 feet road in Koramangala. The restaurant is quite big and I liked the fact that they had separate sections for dine-in and takeaway. They had valet parking as well, which was a relief. I was quite impressed with the takeaway section which looked very clean and well organized. It was almost the size of a small cafe.

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Finger-licking pizzas and more @ Whooppeezz, Koramangala

I had my eyes on this place for a while now, but somehow never got to visiting it. This weekend Mr. Husband had a major pizza craving, and after I absolutely refused to order in from Domino’s, we decided to try out Whooppeezz.

They have 1+1 offer for pizzas on Fridays(Yay!) and you can choose 2 different pizzas. Their menu contains all the usual staples of a pizza place-varieties of garlic breads, pizzas, pastas and desserts. They have some interesting keema tarts, which I plan to try next time πŸ™‚

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