Hoot, Sarjapur Road

I had been frequently working Hoot into our weekend conversations of “where do we go for lunch today?”. Mr. H finally gave in this weekend, and we went there for a late lunch 🙂

Hoot is a massive microbrewery located on Sarjapur Road and is a new addition to the rapidly expanding list of microbreweries in the city. It is spread over a whopping 40000 sq ft and resembles a warehouse or garage from outside.

I had seen some beautiful pictures of its striking ambiance on different websites and blogs, and was looking forward to visiting it.

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Big Brewsky, Sarjapur Road

OMG! what a place!

It’s huge and quite beautiful. There’s a pond in the middle with loads of fish in it. We went here on a rainy saturday, encountered a lot of traffic and reached around 7:30. We had no reservation and the place was almost full, so had to wait for a while. Continue reading