Cirkus, HSR Layout

‘Cirkus’ is one of the newest watering holes in HSR Layout. The place is spread across multiple floors and offers great food and booze with pretty good service. Interiors are simple with lot of open space, perfect lighting and some quirky wall posters.

The menu has a little bit of everything: Indian, Thai, Chinese, Pizzas, Burgers etc. The cocktail menu too offers a good amount of choices.

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The Vape, HSR

‘The Vape’ is a beautiful breezy rooftop cafe in HSR layout. The place looks lovely with wooden patio furniture, a small vertical garden and some beautiful planters.

We were out for some chores over the weekend and went here for a late lunch. Both of us were famished and ended up ordering a lot of food 🙂 Our order comprised of veg noodles, a veg curry (don’t remember the name now) american chili corn and a veg sandwich.

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Pazzo, HSR Layout

‘Pazzo’ is a nice little eatery in HSR. I googled the word and found that it translates to insane/crazy in Italian 😀 I guess the name was chosen for the insanely good food that this place serves!

We went here over this weekend for dinner. The place is not very big, and can feel a little cramped when it’s full. Most of the seating consists of high chairs; there are a couple of benches as well.

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Hangover, HSR

Hangover is the latest addition to HSR’s swiftly increasing number of watering holes. It’s sort of hard to imagine such a swanky place in HSR, and for the lack of a better term to describe the ambience, I’ll just say the whole place looks quite interesting.

The place is pretty big and has three levels of seating. Drinks menu has a decent variety of spirits to choose from, but the food menu is disheartening. It hardly has any vegetarian options and you have to play a guessing game to see what a dish might contain.

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Asha Tiffins, HSR

‘Asha Tiffins’ is a small place in HSR that serves super-cheap but incredibly delicious snacks and filter coffee. We always used to eye this place with curiosity, since it was always packed with customers, and all of them standing. Upon visiting, I discovered there are some benches inside to sit, but as always the place was packed; so we took a table outside.

Menu is very basic and has the usual: vada, idli, filter coffee, some soups, couple of meals etc. The eatery is very clean and service is fast.

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Broadway – The Gourmet Theatre, HSR

Last weekend I was craving for some nigiri and there are very few places nearby that serve sushi, “Broadway” being one of them. Their menu offers a fairly decent range of Indian fares as well, along with the Japanese staples.

I am glad we made a reservation since the place was packed during lunch. Ambience is simple and the place is done up in neutral colours. They have some outdoor seating as well, which I am sure is lovely in the evenings. But it was way too hot in the afternoon, so we chose to sit in.

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Sunny Cafe & Kitchen, HSR Layout

“Sunny Cafe & Kitchen” is located at the same spot in HSR, where “Sizzling Monk” used to be. We visited the cafe over last weekend for lunch and tried out a few things.

The seating here hasn’t changed much, except for an increased number of tables outside. The menu offers a little bit of everything: burgers, sandwiches, pasta, sizzlers, North Indian curries etc. Beverages include a variety of coffees, teas, fresh juices and smoothies.

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