Caffe Pascucci, HSR

I absolutely love cheery bright eateries, where I can see and admire what I am eating 🙂 And Cafe Pascucci is one such beautiful cafe in HSR.

This Friday night, breaking our usual tradition of not stepping out into the mad traffic, we went to HSR for a late dinner. I had crossed this cafe loads of times, but never got around to visiting it until this weekend. We reached around 10:30 p.m., and the place was completely packed. We had to rush for cover as it starting pouring out of nowhere!

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FreshMenu,HSR – Fresh indeed!

Sometimes a short menu of selected dishes is all you look for. Rather than confusing customers with a huge menu with umpteen dishes, this place has kept it short and simple.

They change their menu everyday I suppose and their dishes are described so nicely that you would start drooling just by reading them 😀

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