Pind Balluchi, Garuda Mall

We rarely visit Garuda Mall these days, partly because it’s far and there are not many eateries in the mall 😀 Moreover, yesterday I discovered that the Mango store which used to be a fav, had closed 😦

After some frantic last minute shopping for our upcoming vacation, we decided to dine at Pind Balluchi which is located on the 3rd floor.

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Salt Indian Bar & Grill, Forum Mall, Koramangala

Finally a good restaurant in forum!

We went here with parents over the weekend, thoroughly enjoyed our meal and left with smiles and  happy tummies 🙂
This place is located right next to Toscano, and has an interesting menu of different Indian dishes, desserts and a special Punjabi menu for the weekends.

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Kopper Kadhai, Koramangala

This place has been garnering a lot of attention on Zomato since its inception, and we hadn’t visited it yet. So the next day after Diwali, we decided to take our parents out here for lunch.

The restaurant has very simple decor, and looked rather dark and gloomy for a bright afternoon. There were not many customers, so we got a table easily but the place seemed to be down with a Diwali hangover 😀 Their valet was missing, dishes from menu were unavailable, and the service was very slow.

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My wife’s place, Dehradun

On our way back from Musoorie, we decided to lunch in Dehradun. After getting some recommendations, we headed to My Wife’s place.

The place has a nice cozy old world ambiance. It is quite spacious, and thankfully was not crowded, since it was a weekday.

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Musoorie tales-Part II

After our excellent coffees at “Cafe By The Way“, we decided to explore the Mall road some more. Checked out a couple of shops, bought a few goodies and then it was dinner time. We had a few recommendations, but all of them were to close by 11:00 pm. We finally found a place called The Imperial Square, right next to Library Chowk. It looked good and the best part was that it’s closing time was midnight.

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Timber trail resort, Parwanoo

Today’s plan was to visit a charming resort called Timber Trail resort in Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh.

They have a cable car ride which goes from one end of the resort to another over kaushalya river valley. The ride is somewhat expensive and we had to wait for a really long time in the queue, but the ride and view were totally worth the price and wait 🙂

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Mango Tree, JP Nagar

We were a group of 4 and were looking for a place to dine after our movie got over. This place looked good on zomato, and we decided to give it a try. We reached around 9:30 on saturday and the place was full. Thankfully it took only around 5-10 mins to get a table.

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