Smally’s Resto Cafe, Church Street

Looking for some yummy comfort food? Well, this is your place!

We landed here one hot sunny afternoon, hungry, tired and looking for cafes with parking places.

Smally’s is a small place with a sizeable menu on Church street. And it has valet parking!(we all know how hard it is to find a parking place in church street :))

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Good times @Chavadi, Bannerghatta Road

Chavadi is a beautiful place tucked away from the hustle bustle of the city and the ever busy Bannerghatta Road. If you are looking for a quiet rooftop place with quirky cocktails and yummy food, this is where you should go.

This week, after an afternoon movie in JP Nagar, I suggested this place for a late lunch and snacks. So after braving traffic on bannerghatta road, we reached here and I must say this was worth all the traffic.

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Medium crush pizza and more @Cafe Nation, Koramangala

I’m pretty sure you are thinking of pointing out the typo (medium crush) in my heading. Don’t worry, it’s not one 🙂

I think we have now run out of yet-to-be-tried places in Kormangala and HSR that serve thin crust pizzas. Over the weekend, we were wandering in JNC lane, Koramangala looking for another restaurant, when Mr. H spotted this place and we decided to try out the pizzas here.

It’s a cafe with very simple and neat decor, and a big menu which boasts of different kinds of burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, waffles and much more. They have a tempting breakfast menu too, I’m hoping I’ll get to try it sometime 🙂

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Burgers @Bundar, Koramangala

This small eatery is located off Koramangala inner ring road. Bundar means “monkey” in Hindi, and you’d see monkey faces with different expressions all around the place 🙂

The place is not very big, and is modestly furnished. They have written some fun quotes and trivia on the walls.
We reached here around lunch time and luckily it was not too crowded. We placed an order for magic shrooms burger, all american cheese burger, a lemon iced tea(we requested our server not to add too much sugar) and a watermelon magic(without sugar).

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Delicious pub grub @Harry’s, Phoenix Market City

Spent most of this Saturday shopping, and after finishing in Koramangala, decided to visit VR Bengaluru. After getting disheartened to see an almost deserted Whitefield Arms and yet-to-open Irish House (which looked very good and is opening on 12th), we thought of going to Harry’s in Phoenix Market City.
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Once Upon A Flame, HSR

I suppose this is the one of the few sizzler places in HSR and near to my home. We dropped in for dinner on friday around 9:30. It is right next to McDonald’s and wasn’t very crowded for a friday night.

We both liked the place instantly because of it’s neat and simplistic decor, brick walls and posters. We were quickly ushered to a corner table and were provided food menus.

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