Biryanis from Readybowl

Readybowl is an online food delivery service that started last year with a focus on biryanis. It serves food by the kilo and has now added different curries and starters also to the menu.

I recently received an email from Readybowl’s founder to try out their food. They claim that they don’t use any artificial coloring agents or preservatives, which is great! I was pretty much in a biryani mood yesterday, and decided to try out some.

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Nandhana Palace, Koramanagala

Ever heard of BDS? No, I’m not talking about Bachelor of Dental Surgery. This is a new term coined by Mr. H and stands for Biryani Deficiency Syndrome, and apparently I suffer from it time to time 😀

So yesterday after being diagnosed with BDS, I decided to order some medication and was very happy to discover that Nandhana Palace had started delivering to our place. No one else was in a mood for outside food, so I ordered just one Hyderabadi chicken biryani.

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Biriyani Zone, HSR

Happy New Year!

I didn’t try out any new places post 25th Dec last year, but spent my last week going to my usual favourites and putting on some extra kilos 🙂 Well…


Past couple of days however, I was getting a major biryani craving and though I absolutely love Hyderabadi biryani, the spices don’t get along quite well with my tummy 😦 So I was trying to pacify my cravings looking at the tempting pictures of it 😛 Last night, I eventually gave up and ordered a biryani for dinner.

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Behrouz biryani, HSR

Chilly winds, delicious hazelnut coffee and the fragrance of biryani. Ah, life’s good!

After receiving numerous pamphlets from Behrouz biryani, we finally decided to try it out. The menu looked quite tempting and we ordered for a Lazeez murgh biryani. The delivery took a really long time, and after some frantic phone calls, we finally received our food.

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Kopper Kadhai, Koramangala

This place has been garnering a lot of attention on Zomato since its inception, and we hadn’t visited it yet. So the next day after Diwali, we decided to take our parents out here for lunch.

The restaurant has very simple decor, and looked rather dark and gloomy for a bright afternoon. There were not many customers, so we got a table easily but the place seemed to be down with a Diwali hangover 😀 Their valet was missing, dishes from menu were unavailable, and the service was very slow.

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Biryani love @Paradise, Koramangala

I was having a major biryani craving this weekend (hadn’t had biryani for a while :D), and wanted to try out a new place. The first place that occurred to me was Paradise and I decided to get a takeaway.

For some inexplicable reason, traffic was so much better than usual and we reached the restaurant soon. It is located on the busy 80 feet road in Koramangala. The restaurant is quite big and I liked the fact that they had separate sections for dine-in and takeaway. They had valet parking as well, which was a relief. I was quite impressed with the takeaway section which looked very clean and well organized. It was almost the size of a small cafe.

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