The Bangalore Pantry, Indiranagar

An unexpected and interesting find! The Bangalore Pantry looks just like a college canteen and has a very interesting menu. We had actually planned for Glen’s Bakehouse that was long pending and after no food and some really bad experience there, we thought of going to Toit. And as luck would have it, Toit turned out to closed! And then I guess the food gods took pity on us and I noticed the board for Bangalore Pantry.

The place doesn’t look very appealing from outside with its scary metal staircase. The decor doesn’t have much except for plain wooden tables, some wooden benches and metal chairs. We were contemplating whether to stay or go when the gracious owner lady showed us to our table. The place has some old style switches, not sure if they are intentional, but they surely did bring back memories of my ancestral house in Bengal 🙂

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Howrah Bridge, HSR

I was trying to explain hubby about “Pujor gondho” today, that roughly translates to “Durga pujo is in the air” and he looked amused.  I’m quite sure all bongs know this phrase and can relate to it 🙂

Durga pujo had just started, and I was dreaming of all the yummy things I was going to have at the numerous stalls in pujo pandals across the city.

We couldn’t go out on Shoshthi, so I announced that we at least have to have some bong food. There were a couple of Bengali places on Zomato ordering app, and we decided to order from Howrah Bridge.

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Bhojohori Manna, Koramangala 6th Block

Surprisingly, even after spending so many years in bangalore and being a bong, I had never visited a bengali restaurant for an actual meal. I always used to feel that no restaurant can beat home made(read mom made) bengali food.

However over the weekend, after my husband(not a bong) showed particular interest in trying out typical bengali food, we visited this place for takeaway.

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