Bar bar, Phoenix Market City

Phoenix Market City is undoubtedly a delight for both shoppers and foodies. Bar bar is a new addition to the ever expanding list of fabulous eateries at this mall.

“Bar bar” translates to “frequently” in Hindi, or maybe it just refers to “bar”. I am going to assume it means “frequently” since I’d love to go there bar bar. 🙂

We dropped in for lunch after some frantic shopping and had really good food. The place was empty except for a couple of occupied tables. I guess not many people know about it yet.

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Good food and conversations @Kitchen on table, HSR

The much awaited long weekend was slipping away fast, and I couldn’t let it go without trying this new place in HSR 🙂

We arrived here for a late lunch and frankly I was a little skeptical, looking at the empty tables. Their decor looked somewhat incomplete, as if someone had a bright idea, but didn’t quite implement it properly.

They have this interesting Japanese concept of preparing food at your table. So you get to choose all the ingredients-veggies/meats, sauces etc and the chef prepares it right in front of you. And if you are lucky you’ll get to see some knife tricks too!

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