Essence, Park Plaza, Zirakpur

On our last night at home, we went to Essence, Park Plaza for dinner. The restaurant menu on Zomato looked good and had something for everyone- North Indian, Southeast Asian, continental etc.

I was looking forward to a quiet place, but the restaurant turned out to be quite noisy. We reached around 8:30 and had to wait for a bit. There was a buffet spread but all of us wanted à-la-carte, so we placed an order for honey chilli vegetables, asian spinach and corn rolls, couple of mocktails, beers and wine.

To my surprise, they only had one variety each of beer, whiskey and wine. Moreover our server kept pushing us to take the only beer available(even though we didn’t want it), since there was some offer on it!

Our appetizers eventually appeared after half an hour. And I was a little relieved that both of them tasted pretty good.

Honey chilli vegetables:  These fried vegetables had a lovely crunch and the honey chilli sauce was delicious too.

Corn and cheese rolls: Flaky pastry stuffed with cheese, spinach and corn. I quite liked these.

For main course, we asked for stir fried vegetables in hot basil sauce, American chopsuey, hakka noodles, fish & chips and chicken steak with mushroom sauce. It took them around half an hour to get the main course and another 10 minutes for the fish & chips. But by that time we were too tired to complain or even care.

Stir fried vegetables in hot basil sauce: Vegetables needed some more cooking. Gravy was average, nothing to write home about.

Hakka noodles: These were decent compared to the other Asian fares.

American chopsuey: Turned out to be way too sweet. None of us liked it much.

Fish & chips: Fish tasted fresh and good but batter wasn’t all that nice. It didn’t have any flavours whatsoever. I loved the tartar sauce though.

Chicken steak: Small boneless chunks of chicken with mushroom sauce. Some more mushroom sauce might have helped the dish which didn’t look like a steak at all.

None of us was happy with the dinner. I had gone with a very different opinion of this place, but I guess appearances can be deceptive! I was extremely disappointed with their sloppy service, pushy untrained servers and unavailability of most of the beverages on the menu. I won’t recommend this restaurant unless you have no other options left.

Ambiance: 3.5/5

Food: 3/5

Drinks: 3/5

Service: 2/5

Essence - Park Plaza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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