Shizusan Shophouse & Bar, Phoenix Market City

I had been planning to visit this place since it opened, and finally did this weekend for lunch.

The place is quite spacious with comfortable seating. I loved the simple yet beautiful decor and decided to take one of the tables outside since the weather was lovely.

Their menu looked pretty good, but unfortunately I couldn’t find kake udon or ramen in there. So I asked for a Hainanese chicken rice(which is apparently on the menu of a michelin star winner!). It was somewhat disappointing after our server mentioned that this dish would take long, and asked me to order a fried rice instead. I eventually settled for salmon nigiri.

Hubby asked for a classic miso soup with noodles, and for some reason our server said he can get only rice noodles and not wheat noodles with it. When we asked him the reason, he insisted that rice noodles taste better and wheat noodles are not so good (well, is someone not allowed to like wheat noodles more?). He eventually agreed to get wheat noodles though.

Our order arrived soon. Here’s how I found the dishes.

Nigiri : Looked pretty, unfortunately the same can’t be said about its taste. The portions were big, but whoever had sliced the fish, had done a sloppy job. I am no sushi expert, but as far as I know the fish is not supposed to be thick and chunky. Rice had absolutely no flavours. I was disheartened since the place had some great reviews.


Miso soup: This is supposed to be so flavourful, but it sadly turned out to be a sorry affair. An overdose of turmeric and lack of flavours again. Moreover our server had forgotten about the noodles 😦

I was quite disappointed with our experience, probably we ordered the wrong things and got served by the wrong waiter. Apart from the great ambiance, nothing worked for me. I had gone to the place hoping to have a great lunch, but left hungry and upset.

Ambiance: 4/5

Service: 2/5

Food: 2/5

Shizusan Shophouse & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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