Koramangala Social, Koramangala

The recent alcohol ban seems to be really hard on some lounges, but Koramangala Social seems to be completely oblivious to it. I went to this outlet of Social on Saturday afternoon with a friend, and was quite surprised to see the place completely packed.

I was amazed at how beautiful and green the place looked. While Whitefield Social has more of a garage decor, this one kind of resembles a large greenhouse. There are beautiful plants all around and a big bar counter(now a mocktail/smoothie counter) in the middle.

Both of us were starving and thankfully managed to get a table soon. We asked for a portion of Southhall fish & chips, pepper fry chicken, peach iced tea and a fresh orange & mint juice.

Fish & chips: A very desi style fish & chips with a perfect crunch on the outside and soft melt-in-you-mouth basa fish inside. I loved the lightly spiced batter and the fries too. Do try if you are a fish lover, and if you are not, I’d still recommend this dish 🙂

Pepper chicken: I personally don’t like chicken when it’s overcooked, and unfortunately this one was. Though the spices were on point, i didn’t enjoy it much, since the chicken was somewhat chewy and hard.

Peach iced tea: This arrived in a big tub like thing and was delicious. Readers of this blog must know by now that I usually prefer long island iced teas and not peach/lemon iced teas 🙂 But, this one was perfect and I couldn’t find a single fault. It was not very sugary, refreshing and I’d definitely recommend it.

Fresh juice: Well fresh juices are always nice so was this. It had some pulp as well and tasted good.

After this, we were still a bit hungry and decided to get a portion of fully loaded nachos and my friend got a screwdriver.

Nachos: This is something I usually order at every pub/lounge. Nachos were out-of-the-packet kind but loaded with mozzarella, cheese sauce, some sour cream, jalapenos and salsa. Nachos had gone a little soggy because of the cheese sauce but still tasted delicious.

Screwdriver: Looked beautiful with different shades of sunset, tasted good too.

Though Social is not the same without its signature cocktails, I’d still highly recommend it for its ambiance and food. I had a good lunch and will definitely return soon with Mr.H.

Ambiance: 4.5/5

Food: 3.5/5

Drinks: 3.5/5

Service: 3.5/5

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