Boca Grande, Koramangala

After being stuck at home for most part of Saturday(first due to a long jam and then thunderstorms), we decided to go out for lunch on Sunday. Boca Grande was chosen because of its beautiful photos and tempting menu.

We reached the cafe around 1:30 and took a table inside. Their outdoor seating is picture perfect with wooden benches and cobblestone ground, but it was quite hot to sit outside. So we moved in and took our time choosing a table since the place was almost empty(now I think we should’ve taken the hint :)).

The cafe has simple interiors with both couches and chairs for seating. There is a deserted dessert counter near the entrance that’s in desperate need of some goodies. But, I decided not to go by appearances 🙂 and started scanning their menu.

Their menu is vast and filled with delicious food and beverages. I spotted a cheesy mushroom crepe, but was shocked when our server said it’d take half an hour to prepare it! So I chose alfredo pasta with mushroom(they had only olives in the pasta otherwise) and hubby chose devilled mushroom. We also asked for an iced black coffee(without sugar) and an iced latte.

Our drinks arrived soon, and tasted average. Food too didn’t take very long. Devilled mushroom was average at best. It basically had bell peppers, onions and a few mushrooms tossed in a bland tomato gravy, unlike the spicy gravy mentioned in the menu. I liked the potato wedges that were crumb fried in a mildly spiced batter. Pan fried veggies were alright. Fancy name and desccription for a below average dish!

Pasta arrived with a lot of sauce and a big portion of garlic bread . I was initially very happy to see the amount of sauce but soon discovered that it was way too milky. Extra mushrooms turned out to be a few flimsy pieces of mushrooms.

Garlic bread was the only saviour of this otherwise disastrous dish. It was fresh and tasted nice.

After this, none of us wanted to risk ordering anything else from the menu, so we finished whatever was served and left the place.

I must say the cafe has a lot of potential. It’s got such beautiful outdoor seating and the indoor seating is pleasant too. The place is in dire need of better service and maybe an improved menu with dishes they can actually prepare and serve. I left the place wondering why a chef would take half an hour to prepare a crepe!

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