Biryanis from Readybowl

Readybowl is an online food delivery service that started last year with a focus on biryanis. It serves food by the kilo and has now added different curries and starters also to the menu.

I recently received an email from Readybowl’s founder to try out their food. They claim that they don’t use any artificial coloring agents or preservatives, which is great! I was pretty much in a biryani mood yesterday, and decided to try out some.

I downloaded their app and started checking out their menu. They serve biryanis by weight starting from 250 gms. They have different kinds of veg and non veg biryanis. I placed an order for veg biryani and chicken biryani with leg piece (both 250 gms) and got a message that order would be delivered within an hour.

Their delivery service is very quick and my order arrived much before the mentioned time. Food was neatly packed with no leakages and there were small containers for raita and salan as well.

Veg biryani had beautifully cooked long grain rice with beans, potatoes, carrots and fried onions. It was not very oily and I quite liked it. Salan was not very spicy and raita was fresh.

Chicken biryani had different layers of white rice, chicken and spices. Rice was heavy on spices and by spices I don’t mean chillies. It had an overpowering flavour of cloves and cinnamon, and this biryani was a bit of a miss for me. However, I liked the chicken which was very tender and mildly spiced.

They sell all the dishes(curries, starters and biryanis) by weight, so it’s pretty good for placing individual as well as bulk orders.


Android app:

ReadyBowl Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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