The Bangalore Pantry, Indiranagar

An unexpected and interesting find! The Bangalore Pantry looks just like a college canteen and has a very interesting menu. We had actually planned for Glen’s Bakehouse that was long pending and after no food and some really bad experience there, we thought of going to Toit. And as luck would have it, Toit turned out to closed! And then I guess the food gods took pity on us and I noticed the board for Bangalore Pantry.

The place doesn’t look very appealing from outside with its scary metal staircase. The decor doesn’t have much except for plain wooden tables, some wooden benches and metal chairs. We were contemplating whether to stay or go when the gracious owner lady showed us to our table. The place has some old style switches, not sure if they are intentional, but they surely did bring back memories of my ancestral house in Bengal 🙂

A gentleman(owner I guess?) offered us the menus and I immediately spotted koraishutir kochuri. I don’t know of any bongs who don’t like a good koraishutir kochuri 🙂 For the non-bongs, it’s a deep fried bread stuffed with fresh mashed green peas and tastes divine.

So I asked for kochuri with aloor dum and Mr. H opted for a twisted chole ki chaat(Punjabis and their fondness for chaats!). We also asked for a cold coffee and a lime soda without sugar.

Our beverages appeared soon and tasted delicious. They had taken care of hubby’s request for no sugar in lime soda and he loved it. My cold coffee was delicious, I had such a good after a really long time. I hate it when cold coffees are too milky, but this was just perfect. It was not overly sweet or creamy and I loved the bold flavour of coffee. I’d definitely recommend this.

Twisted chole ki chaat was delectable with feta cheese spread on top and some tortilla chips on the side. The chickpeas were cooked well but hadn’t gone mushy. The dish has a faint hint of sweetness, and it was not very spicy too. Feta cheese was fresh and added just the perfect twist to this desi dish.

My plate arrived with 3 robust looking kochuris and a good portion of aloor dum. I didn’t like the kochuris much, they were way too doughy and had a meagre filling of green peas. And since they were so thick, they were very greasy too.

Aloor dum on the other hand was a delight. The baby potatoes were perfectly cooked but again not mushy, tossed in a gentle spice blend along with onions and tomatoes. There was a generous portion and even though I couldn’t have much of the kochuris, I couldn’t resist finishing the delicious potatoes 🙂

Apart from the kochuris, everything else was really good. I would definitely recommend this place and go back myself for some bhejitabil chop(it’s bhejitabil and not vegetable you see!) next time 🙂

Ambiance: 3/5

Food: 3.5/5

Beverages: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Want to prepare Koraishutir kochuri at home? Here’s a fabulous blog.

The Bangalore Pantry Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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