House of Commons, HSR

HSR is gradually becoming the new Koramangala with a slew of new restaurants, pubs and cafes. And this watering hole is a new addition to the area’s bustling food scene.
I was always curious about this place because of its name, and was very happy when Mr. H suggested it for lunch this weekend so that I could tick it off my list 😀

Their menu says the place is not named after the lower house of parliament in UK. It is called “House of Commons” in a more literal sense,  a place which welcomes anyone and everyone 🙂 The establishment is spread over two floors, with plenty of both indoor and outdoor seating.

Decor is very simple, with basic wooden and wrought iron furniture. There was not much of music when we went(I’m not complaining!), so we didn’t have to strain our voices and ears to have a decent conversation.

Their menu had a wide variety of tempting dishes and drinks, everything from pub grub to Indian and Thai. I was craving for nachos but upon inquiring, our server told us that nachos were not house-made. So we placed an order for vegetable nest instead, a pint of draught beer and a watermelon basil martini.

Vegetable nest turned out to be small potato balls rolled in crispy semolina and fried. They tasted good, and I must mention the salsa that was served. It was absolutely delicious.

I quite liked my watermelon martini. It was just perfect for a hot summer afternoon, refreshing and not very sugary. There was not much flavour of basil though.

We next ordered for a portion of mushroom loaded fries. This one turned out to be a plate of fries dunked in queso and topped with mushroom. It tasted good(well, anything will taste good with that amount of cheese :)), though not really what we had pictured based on their description.

By now we were stuffed, but decided to get another round of drinks anyway. Hubby asked for another beer and I decided to try out their mojito. Our food was also almost over, so we got a portion of corn fritters 😀

The place was crowded by now, and our order took some time. Waiters looked a little lost with so many customers around.

Mojito was fresh and minty. I didn’t like the corn fritters much, kernels on the exterior had become a little chewy and hard.

Though I have mixed feelings about the food at this place, we did have a good time. Their menu has got loads of dishes and drinks to choose from, and price are on the lower side. I was elated to see our bill, especially after all the food and drinks we had. I am definitely going back to try out more from their menu!

Ambiance: 3.5/5

Food: 3/5

Drinks: 3.5/5

Service: 3/5

House Of Commons Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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