Roots, Koramangala

Somehow I’m always at a loss of options, when everyone at home decides to have good North Indian food. This Saturday for a change, the laborious task of choosing a restaurant was taken over by Mr. H and he suggested Roots in Koramangala.

I remembered crossing this place many times, but never paying much attention. It’s a comparatively new place, and last I checked it didn’t have great ratings, but this time it had got amazing reviews and ratings had shot up!

So we booked a table for four at 8 p.m. (thank goodness we did!), and reached the place on time to find it completely packed. The place was extremely noisy, and their tables were not placed well making the dining area somewhat cramped. We even started contemplating moving to another restaurant for main course, though that never happened 🙂

Their menu is not very extensive, and not much time was wasted in deciding what to order. The best part here is the low prices for both food and drinks.

We asked for a veg kebab platter(by far the cheapest platter :)), masala papad, mojitos and margaritas. There was a major confusion with margaritas, since we wanted it on the rocks and our waiter said they can serve it only frozen! It took a lot of explaining and convincing on our part to convey what we wanted 🙂

By now I was like ‘maybe this is not a place to order cocktails!’. But our orders arrived and boy, were they delicious!


The platter had two pieces each of paneer, bharwan aloo (stuffed potato), veg seekh kebab, mushroom and dahi ke kebab (hund curd kebab).

Paneer and dahi kebab

All of us loved the dahi ke kebabs, so much that we ordered another portion 🙂 It was creamy, stuffed with various dry fruits, with a hint of sweetness and mildly spiced. Everything else on the platter was tasty, but a little hot for our palate.

Our drinks were really good. I was not expecting good margaritas after the initial bit of confusion, but I must say they were delicious. I had ordered mojitos for parents, and they loved it.

For main course we had dal makhni, kadhai paneer, some breads with another round of cocktails. Dal makhni was well done, and not too creamy. Kadhai paneer was a bit hot, but tasted great.

Butter garlic naan, dal makhni and kadhai paneer

Breads were excellent, but I would especially recommend their onion kulcha which was remarkable.

It was a great dinner, and we left the place promising ourselves to come back again. Barring some instances, where there were confusions with our orders and drinks, everything was good. And of course the sheer joy of getting such a low bill for the amount of cocktails and food we had 😀

Do visit this place for its surprisingly inexpensive and delectable fares. Don’t get disheartened looking at the limited choices for food or the confused waiters, and you’ll be very happy with their F&B 🙂

Ambiance: 3/5

Food: 4/5

Drinks: 4/5

Service: 2.5/5

Roots Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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