On the way to Goa..

Finally our long awaited Goa vacation is here! We stopped over in President Hotel at Hubli for the night, on the way to Calangute, Goa.

The hotel is decent, rooms are nice but service is painfully slow, be it room-service or dining. For dinner we went to their jungle themed restaurant called “Jungle”.

It had a low roof covered with false branches and leaves, to give you a feel of forest. It was not very crowded when we went, so we grabbed a table of our choice.

Their menu has loads of choices for both food and beverages. Mr. H had already declared that he wanted a gobhi manchurian, so we ordered that along with a round of drinks. 

Confused between so many choices of cocktails, I suddenly realized that I was not in bangalore and should stick to the basics, but then curiosity got the better of me and ordered caprioska and a white lady for Mummy. Gentlemen ordered for rum and whiskey(that reminds me a song:P Listen to it here.)

Service was extremely slow and everything took ages to arrive. I had low hopes from both food and drinks, but I was surprised! Gobhi manchurian was very nice, crispy and not to hot, just the way I like. Both the cocktails were delicious, not too sweet and refreshing.

For main course we had yellow dal, mixed veg, malai kofta and breads. It took a while, but the food was pretty good. Dal was nice, almost like a home cooked one. Mixed veg and malai kofta were also good.

Off to Goa today…more posts coming up soon!


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