Trip to Puri, Day 1

There is an Italian saying “Dolce far Niente”, which means “the sweetness of doing nothing”. And that’s what I was doing last week at parents’ current home in Paradip, Odisha 🙂 I have been cheating on my blog also, but actually I have been gorging on some yummy bong food(most of it being fish :D)

Dear father had received an enormous 5 kg barramundi (bhetki in Bengali) and saved it for me 😀 And yes, before you raise your eyebrows, people do gift fish in these parts of India 🙂

So here I was, spending my days doing absolutely nothing except for stuffing myself with food, reading books and playing with rabbits(there are around 15 of them at home).

Snoozing in the winter sun
Feasting on organic veggies

This time our trip also included a visit to the very famous Jagannath Temple in Puri. Mayfair has two beautiful properties there, Mayfair Waves and Mayfair Heritage and we had a very pleasant stay at Mayfair Waves. The rooms were quite spacious and had beautiful big sit outs. The furniture and amenities were a nice combination of heritage and contemporary. The resort has its private beach, which is much cleaner and quieter than the main Puri beach.

They have a charming poolside bar called ‘The Shack’, but we were on a tight schedule and didn’t get time to explore it 😦 Dinner was served in their beautiful restaurant ‘Samudra’. The buffet was a scrumptious  spread of North Indian, Odia and some continental dishes. I wasn’t really expecting good North Indian food, but there it was! I especially loved the dahi vada, matar paneer, fish in butter garlic sauce and veg au gratin. For dessert, there were the usual mousses and pastries, but I decided to try out a traditional sweet called Chenna Jhili. It had a lovely fragrance of fennel seeds and was a delicious ending to our splendid dinner.



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