Biriyani Zone, HSR

Happy New Year!

I didn’t try out any new places post 25th Dec last year, but spent my last week going to my usual favourites and putting on some extra kilos 🙂 Well…


Past couple of days however, I was getting a major biryani craving and though I absolutely love Hyderabadi biryani, the spices don’t get along quite well with my tummy 😦 So I was trying to pacify my cravings looking at the tempting pictures of it 😛 Last night, I eventually gave up and ordered a biryani for dinner.

I had spotted this outlet while dining at another fabulous Japanese place nearby. Placed an order for chicken biryani and paneer malai masala using a food delivery app, and it arrived around 45 minutes later. Food was packed nicely, and all the containers were placed neatly in a cloth bag.

Biryani looked beautiful, long grain rice layered with spices and chicken. But surprisingly, the aroma which envelopes you upon opening biryani containers, was missing. I decided I was being overcritical and should wait till I taste the food.

Biryani rice was cooked beautifully, though I can’t say the same about its taste. My stomach was grateful that it was not hot, but taste buds complained about the lack of any flavours. Chicken pieces were big, soft and prepared well.

Paneer malai had an insane amount of oil floating on top. Well, I guess we should have been prepared for it since the name itself had “malai” (milk cream) in it 😀 It tasted alright, the standard sweetish curry you get at other biryani places.

Not sure if I would order again, since the biryani left me underwhelmed 😦

Time for some food gyan. Want to read a bit on how biryani originated? Here’s an old article by Vir Sanghvi.

Biriyani Zone Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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