Ovenstory, HSR Layout

Both of us were craving for some outside food, and after a lot of discussion(as usual!) we decided to order pizza from Ovenstory. Their menu looked interesting with loads of varieties, and the best part was that they had only thin crust pizzas.

We placed an order for veg medley pizza and a corn & olive bruschetta. Order arrived almost on time, and I was quite impressed by the packaging. But was the food as good? Read on.

Our order was packed in cheerful looking boxes. The sight of those cute boxes instantly made me happy 🙂


I was quite happy by now that we tried out this place, and we started off with their bruschetta. It was a quite a pretty sight.


I noticed that they hadn’t used mozzarella, but decided to try out rather than jumping to any conclusions. The use of processed cheese was a little disappointing, but overall the dish didn’t taste all that bad.

I opened the pizza box next, hoping that they wouldn’t have used processed cheese in the pizza at least! But there it was, a lumpy looking pizza slathered with processed cheese, some toppings and no mozzarella 😦

The base was not baked well, which made it taste quite doughy, even though it was thin crust. The pizza could have been so much better, had they altered the choice of their cheese. Processed cheese had completely ruined the pie :(, a classic example of how small things can damage a simple delicious dish!

Will I order again? Probably not, unless they start giving choices of cheese while placing orders.

Ovenstory Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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