Lunch @Southindies, Indiranagar

Have mixed feelings about this place. I had visited the Southindies outlet near Infantry road quite a few times, when I was staying in that area, and I must say that outlet was far more beautiful than this one. Even though the food is good here, the place is slightly mismanaged.

We went here this Saturday, with a reservation through Zomato, but still had to wait for a while before we were ushered to our table. They have some outside seating too, and I was glad that we got a table there overlooking the busy 100ft road.

The place looked chaotic with servers running all around. We got seated and our server informed us that starters will be served on table. Soup appeared first, followed by paneer skewers, mushroom fritters, banana fritters, vadas and button idlis.

Soup had an overload of pepper, and none of us liked it much. Banana fritters were interesting and absolutely delicious. Made with sweet bananas, they tasted delectable. It was the unanimous favourite across our table.

Mushroom fritters also tasted great. Mushrooms were big in size and fresh. Paneer skewers were good, fresh cubes of paneer rolled in spices and grilled for a bit.

I love button idlis and these ones were soft, but I didn’t like the spice coating on them much. Vadas were lovely, perfectly fried and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

We asked for some more mushrooms, banana fritters and paddus(which hadn’t shown up yet), but since they were taking long we proceeded for main course.

There was a minor chaos near the main course section. Plates and bowls were over, along with some of the dishes. New plates arrived in a while, but they were not dried properly.

I spotted my favourite fried chillies and grabbed a couple. Unfortunately I can’t recall the names of most of the delicious dishes, so I’ll just describe them by taste and ingredients 🙂

There was spinach curry with a generous dose of garlic, which I loved. It was perfectly spiced and tasted amazing. veg stew was mild and my favourite. Cooked in coconut milk, it tasted exquisite. It was a perfect accompaniment for the soft and delicate appams.

I didn’t particularly like their dosas. They didn’t have any masala dosas (guess the masala was over), and the plain ones tasted bland. Sambar was average and could have been better.

There was a paneer gravy too, which tasted surprisingly good. I tried a khichdi like dish also, a greenish dish which was loaded with ghee and tasted yum.

In between our main course, paddus arrived and boy, did they taste heavenly! The small spheres of goodness were slightly brown and crisp on the outside. They had mixed spices, onions and chillies in the batter, which tasted lovely.

We were stuffed by now, but how could we leave without the desserts! Unfortunately their dessert spread had very limited options 😦 some fruits, brownies, chandrakala and some sort of deconstructed Mysore pak. Chandrakala was way too sweet and Mysore pak didn’t taste fresh.

Filter coffee in the buffet was a pleasant surprise, and my father being a coffee-lover thoroughly enjoyed it. And the rest of us ended our meal with the remaining delicious paddus 😀

Overall a good meal with some excellent and some average dishes, but the place definitely needs to be managed better.

Ambiance: 3/5

Food: 3.5/5

Service: 2.5/5

Want to make delicious paddus at home? Check out the recipe here.

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