Kopper Kadhai, Koramangala

This place has been garnering a lot of attention on Zomato since its inception, and we hadn’t visited it yet. So the next day after Diwali, we decided to take our parents out here for lunch.

The restaurant has very simple decor, and looked rather dark and gloomy for a bright afternoon. There were not many customers, so we got a table easily but the place seemed to be down with a Diwali hangover 😀 Their valet was missing, dishes from menu were unavailable, and the service was very slow.

We were served complimentary welcome drinks, which were quite nice and refreshing. They were probably the best part of our otherwise boring meal.

Their menus are kadhai (wok) shaped, very creative I must say! They don’t have a very elaborate menu, so you wont have to spend a lot of time struggling to decide what to order 🙂 We opted for à la carte, since none of us was very hungry. For main course, we placed an order for panchkuta matka saag(mix of mustard and spinach leaves), wargi dal-e-dastaan(black dal) and some breads. I asked our server about boneless chicken gravies and was surprised when he told me that they had only one boneless gravy (butter chicken) in their whole menu! His description of the other non veg gravies didn’t sound very appetizing, so I ordered makhhan paneer instead.

Our server came back after a while and informed us that no spinach based dishes were available, since it was a holiday (strange!), and pankhuri roti( which I was looking forward to) was unavailable too. So I ordered for chicken biryani instead and he agreed to serve the biryani with only boneless pieces.

In the meanwhile, they got us a fancy looking platter of roasted papads, and assorted chutneys.

Our order took a while to arrive. I noticed there were a number of servers roaming around, but no one really seemed to be paying attention to customers.

Makhhan paneer, which is supposed to be rich and delicious looked lacklustre. Taste was average at best, none of us liked it much. Dal was fine, I guess I was expecting a lot more because of the hype around this place.

Chicken biryani was well prepared with long grain rice and was not very oily/spicy, but our server had probably passed on wrong instructions. None of the pieces were boneless! Some of the chicken was tender and delicious, whereas some pieces turned out to be dry and chewy (maybe they were old?) I kept looking for that server, but he didn’t reappear in the dining area. Raita served along with the biryani was fresh, mildly spiced and delicious.

Our check arrived in a fancy letter box, but they had goofed up and added extra items, that we had never ordered. There seemed to be so many issues with food and service. Maybe it was just a bad day, but nothing about the place worked for me.

Ambiance: 3/5

Food: 3/5

Service: 2/5

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