Hungree Belly, HSR

These days, there seems to be an abundance of choices for home delivery on zomato ordering app. And when you see a comic name like this, you think ‘well I got to try this place!’.

We both were craving for some outside food yesterday, and thought of ordering from ‘Hungree Belly’. Its menu had a bit of everything, kebabs, curries, chinese gravies, sandwiches, pasta to name a few .

None of us wanted to have Indian, and we both ordered for sandwiches. Mine was a chicken ham & cheese, and Mr. H ordered for a veggie club sandwich. Their menu said both sandwiches would be accompanied by fries and soup, so it sounded like a complete meal.

Order arrived on time, and was packed well. Upon opening however, the sandwiches didn’t look very appetizing, especially the chicken sandwich. Anyway we decided to start with soup first. Both sandwiches had a packet of tomato soup each, which I didn’t like much. It was a little too tangy for me.

Veggie club sandwich was well stuffed with coleslaw and a patty, but tasted average. Nothing we couldn’t have made at home.

Chicken sandwich was a disaster. I can’t remember having such a bad sandwich. Chicken ham slices tasted stale, and the sandwich itself was probably frozen and reheated. My jaws start hurting at the thought of that sandwich 😐 Fries were also tasteless and soggy, they might as well skip serving fries with sandwiches.

Maybe it was just a bad day, or maybe I ordered the wrong things. I am not going back, no matter how hungry my belly is.

Hungree Belly Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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