Whitefield Social, Phoenix Market City

Loved and hated this place at the same time! It’s like a slightly upmarket dhaba that serves excellent food and beverages at low prices, but you can’t be finicky about hygiene here. You’d be spoilt for choices of  both food and beverages, since they serve everything from chakhna (titbits like salted peanuts, fried moong dal etc), nachos, baos with quirky fillings to biryani and much more.

The first time we came here, there was a long queue. The next time we were there, it was closed due to prohibition 😦 Today was our lucky day and we got a table. They have some seating outside, but it was way too hot, so we chose to sit in. There was no one at the reception and none of the servers seemed interested in showing us a table, so we found a place ourselves and settled in.

The place looked rather unkempt. I felt they gone overboard with their rustic setup. There was an extremely noisy fan or something of that sort near to our table, and after a while it became so annoying that we had to move to another table. One of the servers cleaned that table for us with a smelly wipe.

Music was audible, but not very loud/interfering, which was a relief. Placing an order was really difficult, even though there were many servers who were doing nothing, but just roaming around. We finally managed to order for cheese and corn croquettes, white wine sangria and a bottled beer(our server said they were out of craft beer).

Looking at the kind of pathetic service they had, I was not hoping much from food, when some good looking croquettes arrived at our table. They were filled with gooey cheese, jalapenos, corn and tasted heavenly. The outer casing was rolled in semolina and had a  perfect crunch. White wine sangria was very nice with lots of chopped fruits and I must say their portions of  both food and beverages were quite generous.

We then found something called “awsomosas” on their menu, which looked interesting and forgot about our discussion on moving to another restaurant.

True to their name, they were awesome samosas. These were a flatter version of the usual samosas, and had a filling of cheese, mushroom and pizza sauce. They were fried to perfection and tasted yum. I absolutely loved the mushroom & mozzarella cheese filling. Pizza sauce was perfect and not too overpowering. They were served with a red chutney, which had an interesting flavour and complimented the samosas perfectly.

After finishing our first round, we realized that we still had some time to kill before our movie, so we ordered another round of drinks and snacks. This time it was coke & cane, red wine sangria and nachos.

Mr.H looked visibly impressed with his coke & cane and said it tasted amazing. My red wine sangria was unfortunately laden with artificial flavours, didn’t like it much. Nachos were average, they were the store bought kind and topped generously with cheese sauce, beans and onions. Nothing I couldn’t have made at home 🙂

We were discussing whether we would like to come back, when our check arrived. We looked at the ridiculously low bill for all the food and drinks we had, and decided we might just come back 🙂

If you are looking for an inexpensive watering hole with great food and drinks, and don’t mind shoddy service, this is the place to be.

Ambiance: 2/5

Food: 3.5/5

Drinks: 3.5/5

Service: 2/5

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