Pandal hopping in J P Nagar

Went to two more pandals today, Amader pujo by KARBA and Utsav Durga pujo. Roads were surprisingly empty, which is a privilege in Bangalore and we reached the venue quite soon.

Karba pujo

KARBA pujo had very minimal crowd, which was refreshing change. Decoration was gorgeous and the idols looked very beautiful. There was ample parking space available, which was a relief.

We also relished some delicious pani puris at the stalls. There were plenty of other shops also, selling myriad of things like clothes, spices, handicrafts.

After this, we visited Utsav Durga pujo. This one was a little smaller, but beautiful nonetheless.

And then, it was time was dinner 🙂 We decided to pickup pizza from the BTM outlet of Whooppeezz.

Was it better than the Koramangala Whooppeezz? Read on.


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