Punjabi delights at Made in Punjab, UB City

We were ravenous after visiting pandals in Ulsoor and Jayamahal Extn. For dinner, we both wanted to have North Indian food, and I suggested we try out the much hyped Farzi Cafe. We reached UB City, but unfortunately the place was packed and there was no hope of getting a table.

We had started walking towards the other eateries in the courtyard, when my eyes fell upon “Made in Punjab“. This is also a brainchild of Kalra family and I remembered reading about it a couple of days back.

The first thing I noticed upon entering this place was its jaw-dropping gorgeous decor. The restaurant looked classy and elegant. Seating was comfortable and tables were placed away from one another, so you won’t be unwilling listeners to others’ conversations.

We got a table of our choice and started scanning through the menus. Both food and beverages menus were full of quirky names, and had the usual Punjabi dishes with funny names and interesting twists.

Their menu had a wide variety of starters, everything from chaats, tikkis and tandoor delicacies. Our server Babul was very nice and gave us a few suggestions on drinks. So we ordered nasheeli chai, naya zamana and khumbh karan.

Nasheeli(intoxicating) chai(tea) came in a small teapot. Liquid nitrogen was used for cooling it, which made the drink bubble beautifully and created a cloud of vapour. But the true showstopper was the serving tray and glasses, which looked like what local chaiwallas use. The small glasses were filled with large ice cubes and a wedge of lemon each.

Nasheeli chai

The drink was refreshing and flavoured with cinnamon. It had just the right amount of sweetness. We both absolutely loved it, definitely one of the best cocktails I’ve tasted.

Naya zamana which literally translates to new age, was great too. It was an ‘old fashioned’ with a little bit of caramel syrup. Just like the classic drink, this one was strong too and just struck the right note.

Naya zamana

Khumbh karan looked appetizing, 5 huge stuffed kumbhkaran-ish mushrooms and grilled to perfection in tandoor. The taste however, was not really special. While the mushrooms were nice, the marinade was a bit too tangy.

We were almost full by the time we finished those gigantic mushrooms. So for main course we decided to order just one gravy which was paneer khat-pat and breads(makai roti and garlic naan). Main course took a while to arrive at our table, but was totally worth the wait. Everything looked tempting, and I’m glad we ordered just one gravy. The portion was enough for three.

Paneer khatpat was nothing short of a masterpiece, a dish so rich and delicious that we kept talking about it long after we had left the restaurant. It was creamy enough to make you feel guilty, but so delicious that you won’t mind feeling guilty about it 🙂 Paneer cubes were melt-in-your-mouth tender and fresh. Both the breads were perfect accompaniments to the gravy. Makai roti was perfectly cooked, not chewy like they serve at most of the places. I am not a big naan lover, but absolutely loved the naan that they served.

Prices were a steal for the quantities of food and beverages they served. We left sated, and decided that we’d definitely go back for more. Undoubtedly one of the best places for Punjabi food in the city. Highly recommended.

Ambiance: 4.5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Drinks: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

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