Howrah Bridge, HSR

I was trying to explain hubby about “Pujor gondho” today, that roughly translates to “Durga pujo is in the air” and he looked amused.  I’m quite sure all bongs know this phrase and can relate to it 🙂

Durga pujo had just started, and I was dreaming of all the yummy things I was going to have at the numerous stalls in pujo pandals across the city.

We couldn’t go out on Shoshthi, so I announced that we at least have to have some bong food. There were a couple of Bengali places on Zomato ordering app, and we decided to order from Howrah Bridge.

I was starving, and ended up ordering too much food. We placed an order for egg mughlai paratha, chicken mughlai paratha, radhaballabi, chana masala and chicken kosha. I was already drooling by the time our order arrived, well packed and sealed.

The first thing that caught my eyes upon opening the containers was the amount of oil in food, and it looked very unappetizing.

Mughlai parathas came along with aloor dom. Both the mughlai parathas tasted like re-fried stale bhaturas, fried with egg and some dry,burnt chicken pakoras in case of chicken mughlai paratha. We both couldn’t manage more than a few bites and disposed it off. Aloor dom tasted good, but had too much oil.

Radhaballabis were a downer. They are ideally spiced lentils stuffed pooris, but turned out to be plain pooris 😦 Chana masala was alright, nothing to write home about. Chicken kosha was extremely oily, and I suspect my arteries might be screaming for help as I am writing this. Chicken was tender and well done, but the excess amount of oil spoiled it.

I am not going to recommend this place to anyone. Do they really think Bengalis relish such extreme amounts of oil and spices? Disappointed.


Howrah Bridge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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