Asia Kitchen by Mainland China, Koramangala

Hubby was asking for a Pan-Asian place on Saturday, but did not want to drive any further than Koramangala. I started raking my brains for places on my not-yet-tried list and suggested we try out Asia Kitchen.

This place has valet parking, so you don’t have to struggle for a parking place on that ever crowded street. We reached around 1:30 and found the restaurant was surprising empty for a Saturday afternoon!

First thing that caught my eyes was the beautiful classy decor. Tables were well placed, decor was minimal but charming, and there seemed to be more servers than customers 😀

Our server got us a complimentary bowl of peanuts. They were boiled peanuts, and didn’t taste really nice. I loved their menu, which had a huge variety of soups and different Pan-Asian dishes. But ordering for food turned out to be a struggle, since our server was too insistent on ordering particular items from menu. We wanted to try out miso soup with tofu, but he kept insisting that we order lemon coriander soup. I eventually asked him if tofu soup was bad, to which he replied “not so good”. Well okay, then they should remove it from the menu! I tried ordering for main course, and this particular guy kept on interrupting me, never allowing me to order what I wanted to. We eventually got extremely annoyed and asked for another server.

Our second server was very nice and polite. He suggested me sauces based on my preferences, and finally we were able to place an order for miso soup with tofu, steamed fish in soya & ginger sauce and wok tossed veg noodles.

Service was quick and soup arrived soon. Didn’t have much except for tiny bits of tofu, but it did taste nice.

Main course also arrived soon after. Fish was served on a long platter and looked appetizing. The sauce was beautifully done and I loved the flavours. Ginger was not overpowering, and complimented the soya sauce beautifully. Unfortunately, fish was way overcooked and had almost gone mushy, somehow very few places seem to pay any attention to the poor fish, and always end up spoiling it.
Noodles also tasted nice, and had lots of veggies. There were bits of pineapple also, that tasted wonderful.

Another strange thing happened the moment we finished our food. One of their staff came and started wiping our table with a dirty cloth. It was extremely unsightly and I wonder why he couldn’t wait for us to step out before cleaning the table.

This restaurant has so much potential. It’s a gorgeous looking place with reasonably good food. They just need to train their servers well. Suggesting certain specialties from your menu is fine, but forcing customers to order something is entirely different. No wonder the place was empty on a Saturday! After this experience I don’t think I’d like to go back. A certain another Pan-Asian place on the same street, serves excellent food and has much better service.

Ambiance: 4/5

Food: 3/5

Service: 2/5

Want to know what miso is? Read here.

Asia Kitchen By Mainland China Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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