Excellent dinner from Hunan, Koramangala

“Hunan” is a province located in China. It is also one of the eight great traditions of Chinese cuisines of and is well known for its hot and spicy flavour.

In Bangalore, however, it refers to a fantastic eatery located on the famous food street in Koramangala 🙂

Hubby was quite happy to spot this place on Zomato ordering app, and insisted we order from there. We placed an order for tofu ginger tomato soup, three mushroom noodles and thai basil chicken with jasmine rice.

Our order arrived on time, and I was impressed with their packaging. There were numerous small containers with kimchi, different sauces, pickled cucumbers & carrots etc and free dumplings(yay!).

Soup at first sight, looked watery, but it was bursting with flavours and had lots of melt-in-your-mouth pieces of tofu. I absolutely loved it, undoubtedly one of the best soups ever. It wasn’t very spicy and tasted very good. Fried wontons were also good with a decent amount of filling.

Mushroom noodles were exquisite, delicately spiced and loaded with mushrooms. We both being mushroom lovers, relished the dish. Noodles were thin and nicely tossed with minimal spices, and the mushrooms tasted earthy and lovely.
Thai basil chicken was more like a broth, but tasted divine. It was minimally spiced, just like the noodles. Eggplants were well cooked and tasty, but unfortunately chicken was a little chewy. Jasmine rice was fragrant and tasted great with the gravy. I loved the fact that none of the dishes were overloaded with oil/spices.

A scrumptious meal, cost us a little higher than the usual other chinese/southeast asian places, but every bit worth it. Highly recommended.

Hunan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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