Pizza etc. from @Italy, HSR

New pizza delivery place on Zomato! Reviews were not really favourable, but we decided to try it out anyway, since I was not in a mood for domino’s and hubby didn’t want to go out.

I know our order must look gigantic, but the portions were small so managed to finish it all 😀 We ordered for one large tre pepperoni pizza, which has actually 3 kinds of peppers and not pepperoni 😀 (turned out to be on the smaller side), quesadilla, spinach cheese dip with toasted bread, sauteed mushrooms and a minestrone soup. We also put a request for adding olives and mushrooms to our pizza.

Food arrived within the claimed ETA, which was around 45 minutes. It was well packed, with no leakages anywhere.

Minestrone soup: It was creamy and tasty, but had no traces of vegetables or pasta. Such a bummer!

Quesadilla: This was not the usual quesadilla, and tasted alright. Vegetable filling inside was almost mushy, and I would have loved to see some cheese in there.

Spinach cheese dip: This was a disappointment. It had less of cheese and more of milk, which made it watery. It thickened a bit after cooling down though.

Sauteed mushrooms: I am a little biased towards mushrooms, but these were loaded with chili flakes and herbs, which overpowered the taste of otherwise delicious mushrooms.

Pizza: Large pizza turned out to be kind of small(maybe it was actually medium?). They had forgotten to add mushroom in the toppings 😦 , but the pizza tasted quite nice. Crust was thin and crisp, it could have used some more toppings though.

Overall a not-so-bad meal and enough good things to order for a second time 🙂

P.S. For some reason their online delivery menu doesn’t feature any non-vegetarian items. Wonder why!

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