Coffee and stunning view @The Estate Cafe, Chikamagalur

With nothing much to do on our second evening in Chikamagalur, we looked up a couple of places on Tripadvisor. This place looked beautiful and we decided to stop by for coffee.

It’s a charming little cafe, with a breathtaking view. The place has gazebos for seating, and a pool table too. There are beautiful plants and flowers all around, which add to its charm.


Hubby was craving for gobhi machurian all this while, but we eventually ordered mushroom manchurian 😀 I was looking for some good filter coffee, so ordered myself a special filter coffee, and a black coffee for Mr. H.

Service was a bit slow, since the servers were sitting inside and not really paying attention to customers. But, the place was so beautiful, we were happy to sit and wait for our order.

Mushroom manchurian looked alright, but the taste, wow! It was unarguably the best mushroom manchurian I had ever tasted. The taste of fresh local mushrooms was magical. It was not laden with spices, and there was just a tinge of sweetness to the dish that I loved.

Our coffees were just average. My filter coffee was bit too milky for my taste. Hubby wanted to try out their sandwich too, so we ordered for a cheese veg sandwich. It took a while, but was totally worth the wait. It was stuffed with assorted veggies and fresh earthy mushrooms. Very simple, yet flavourful.

This place is not to be missed if you are in Chikamagalur. Don’t go here expecting specialty coffees and good service. But do visit for its striking view. Here are a couple of pictures of the cafe.



Ambiance: 5/5

Food: 3.5/5

Service: 2.5/5


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