Chikamagalur, Day 2

After our first day’s miserable service and F&B experience at the hotel, I had almost given up on this place. I was not hoping to see much in the breakfast buffet, but to my relief it was much better than their disastrous dinner spread.

This spread was decent, with live counters for dosa, omelette, waffles, pancakes etc. I particularly liked the South Indian dishes. Dosa was paper thin and crisp. Idlis and vadas were fresh and well done. Sambar was more like a dal, but nonetheless very tasty.

Special mention for the piping hot samosas, which had a delicious filling and were perfectly done. Service had considerably improved (probably after my feedback the last night?), which was a welcome change.

I was a little disappointed to see the tea pots that arrived at our table. None of them had a lid, so our tea went cold soon.

We finished quickly and decided to explore the Mullayangiri peak before lunch. Clicked a couple of photos in our beautiful hotel, before heading out.


The last stretch to the peak had bad roads and visibility was near to zero, so we couldn’t reach the peak. Here are some pictures of the cloud/fog covered mountains.



On the way back we went to a picturesque little cafe called “The Estate Cafe” and came back to our hotel in time for dinner.

Even though we didn’t have a particularly nice experience at Mukhwada (their bar), the previous night, we thought of giving it another chance. The head server(guess his name is Vijay Kumar), took special care of us. I didn’t order any cocktails, since there were no professional bartenders and stuck to my previous night’s drink. We played a little bit of pool before moving to GAD for dinner.

Dinner spread was a little better this time. Chicken momos were yummy and I had quite of few of them 🙂 Hubby loved the hakka noodles from live counter. There were some herb smoked veggies in the salad platter, which were quite delicious. Desserts were also somewhat better that the previous night. Souffle was quite nice, though a little heavy.

They should definitely work on their food menu, and train their servers well.

Read my hotel review on Tripadvisor, here.


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