Oishī tabemono@Sakae, Shantinagar

I truly regret not visiting this place before! It’s a little Japanese paradise located on the busy KH Road in Shantinagar.

Their decor is very simple. I was excited to see that they had traditional Seiza style seating. There’s an array of Japanese magazines kept at the entrance and you are required to remove your footwear before entering the dining area.

We reached here around 1:30 pm on Sunday, and frankly I was a bit skeptical looking at the almost empty restaurant. But, we were determined to get some Japanese food and hubby had already spotted “ramen” on their menu, so we thought “well, how bad can it be!”

So we chose a table, and then I discovered their Seiza style seating was a little modified for the convenience of folks who are not used to it 🙂

Some of their menus were printed in Japanese, and thankfully they had one in English too. Our first server had absolutely no idea what was in the menu and was unable to answer any of our queries. Eventually another lovely server came and we ordered for a portion of veg tempuras. Having never really tried nigiri before, I asked her about it and she suggested I try salmon.

Both tempuras and nigiri looked beautiful, and after we were halfway through, I realized I should click some photos 😀 So this is what was left on the plates.

I am no expert on Japanese cuisine, but I absolutely loved the sushi. Salmon was delicate & soft and had lovely flavours. Wasabi served with sushi was an absolute firecracker. Just a pinch and it felt like an explosion of flavours.
Tempuras consisted of red & green peppers, babycorn and onion. Not a very exiting combination, but nonetheless tasty.

For main course, we ordered veg kakeudon(they didn’t have veg ramen) and fried chicken with miso sauce and rice. Hubby said he loved the noodles and soup was flavoursome. Fried chicken was heavenly. It was the best fried chicken I’ve ever tasted, crispy on the outside, soft & succulent on the inside. Miso sauce was an absolute delight.

Prices are a bit high here as compared to other regular Asian places. And it was shock to discover that they had put the a price of 750 bucks for veg tempuras on our check(which is actually the price for prawn tempuras).

Definitely worth going back, but got to be careful with ordering veg options next time 🙂 Meal for 2(without alcohol) will cost you around INR 2000-2500 here.

Food: 4.5/5


Service: 2.5/5

Want to know about different kinds of sushi? Read here.

Sakae Japanese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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