Delicious lotus stems and more @Nasi & Mee, Koramangala

Dreary weather on a sunday evening, how bad can it be! After some lengthy discussions on “what should we have for dinner”, we headed to Nasi & Mee in Koramangala.

I did some googling and figured Nasi is “rice” in Malay, and Mee is probably noodles, hence the name.

The place has not much for decor, and gets pretty cramped when it’s full. It’s difficult to walk between tables if you have to move.

The menu covers mostly Southeast Asian cuisine. Everything looked quite tempting and we ordered for mushroom & water chestnut dumplings, hot & sour soup and honey chilli lotus stems.

Our soup and starters didn’t take very long. But our server didn’t serve the dumplings/lotus stems. He just kept everything and left without a word.

Soup was delicious, hot and flavoursome, with lots of shredded veggies and tofu. Dumplings were absolutely divine, subtle flavours and generous amounts of mushroom & water chestnut stuffing. The dough wrap however, was a little sticky; probably it needed some more steaming.

The winner was fried lotus stems. I’ve never had it before and this was at its finger-licking best, generously coated with honey & chilli and deliciously crunchy.

We also ordered for our main course in the meanwhile, which included Nasi & Mee curry noodles(veg), massaman curry(chicken) and some jasmine rice. But by the time main course arrived, we were so full that we had to get all of it packed.

Massaman curry was kind of a let down. It is supposed to be rich(not oily) and aromatic, but this one was extremely oily. I didn’t like it much and wouldn’t recommend it. Shredded chicken in the curry was good though, tender and cooked well.

Loved the curry noodles, delicate flavours, not so oily and delicious.

Definitely going back for dumplings and lotus stems. Main course? Not so sure.

Want to read more on Thai curries? Check this out.

Nasi And Mee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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