Droolworthy food & drinks with some deafening music @The Irish House, Whitefield

Last time when we went to this place, it was yet to open. So this Saturday after our movie in market city,  I subtly suggested that we go to VR mall and see how this place was doing 😀

The pub looks beautiful from outside, they have put up vintage wall clocks on display on the outer wall, along with some beautiful portraits of Ireland.

We were quickly ushered to a table and I was momentarily stunned by the gorgeous interiors. Lighting was just perfect, not so dark that you’d keep bumping into tables, and not so bright either.

The place was packed, but didn’t feel crammed at all. They had some outside seating as well.

Both their food and beverages menus looked inviting. I almost always order for mojito or LIT at such places, but looking at their specials I decided to order for an old fashioned and a beer for Mr. H. Their food menu looked like a beautiful coffee table book, and we ordered for a portion of veg nachos.

They had a DJ who was playing EDM, but it was too loud to have a decent conversation. I say it’s great place for a first date, where you won’t have to stress over what to talk about, since you won’t be able to hear each other anyway 😛

Anyhow, our nachos arrived soon and I was amazed to see the quantity that was served.

It was like a mini mountain and the toppings consisted of mashed re-fried beans, salsa, cheese, sour cream and green chilies (They had used local bhajji chilies instead of jalapenos which was interesting :)) Nachos were thin and crisp, tasted delicious, thankfully there were house-made. Beans were delicious and perfectly done. Salsa was almost like a puree, but I didn’t mind since it was so fresh and flavourful. Definitely a steal for that price.

Somehow the beer took a while to arrive, almost 15 minutes. My “old fashioned” was quite nice with a generous amount of Jim Beam, strong enough to wake up a sleepy me 😀

And after a while the music got to such annoying levels that we had to leave our unfinished yummy plate of nachos and move out 😦 We would have definitely stayed back for more drinks and food, had the music been just a little softer.

Great place, drool-worthy food & drinks at not so high prices but ear-piercing music. Just hoping that music would be better next time, since I’m pretty sure I’ll go back for their amazing drinks and food 🙂

Now some food gyan. Want to prepare old fashioned at home? Here’s the recipe.

Want to know a little bit about its history? Read here.

The Irish House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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