Macarons at L’inoui, Phoenix Market City

Was in phoenix market city for a movie this Saturday and spotted this cute place with gorgeous looking desserts on display. I immediately dragged Mr. Husband for a quick coffee and some macarons before our movie show 🙂

We ordered for an americano(Hubby has a thing for black coffees), a hazelnut macaron and a chocolate macaron.

Coffee was alright, it tasted more like drip coffee than americano.

Both the macarons were absolutely divine. The outer melt-in-your-mouth cookie shell was delicate and crisp. Ganache was rich and at its delicious best. I loved it so much, that I ordered another one and blueberry this time 😀 This one had a blueberry jam like filling which was equally yum.

I also tried a quiche. It had a nice spinach, corn and cheese filling. It was small, but packed with flavour and I loved it.

Loved the place and the cheery lady at cash counter 🙂 Have to try their truffles and some more macarons next time!

Some food gyan now. Wondering what’s the difference between an americano and regular drip coffee? Regular coffee is prepared by passing boiling water through coffee grounds. On the other hand, americano is made from espresso, which in turn is prepared by forcing high pressure boiling water/steam through tightly packed finely ground coffee. And hence the tastes of regular drip coffee and americano are considerably different.

L'inoui Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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