“Beautiful ambiance. Period” @Fisherman’s Wharf, Sarjapur Road

This place was long pending on my list, and this Saturday we finally got a chance to visit. We made an early reservation for 7:30, assuming that the place must get crowded later. Getting a table of your choice at such a place on a Saturday evening in Bangalore, what more can you ask for! ๐Ÿ™‚

The place looks beautiful. It is like a huge shack with multiple sections. Tables are well arranged, so the place doesn’t feel crammed. There’s some bar seating as well.

They had happy hours on throughout the day, and we ordered for LIT and mojito, accompanied with nachos and fried chicken.

Since the nachos were priced a little higher, I was hoping for them to be loaded with all sorts of toppings. But I was so disappointed to see the plate that arrived. Not only they were out-of-the-packet kind, they hardly had any toppings. Just some stringy cheese and jalapenos.

Upon asking for salsa, our server looked confused and said “it should be in there”. I dissected the nachos in front of him and showed there was no salsa. He still looked confused when I told him salsa was made out of tomatoes, but said he’d get some. He came back a few minutes later with some chopped onions(the kind you serve on chaats) and tried to pass it off as salsa!

By now, we knew it would be pointless arguing with him.

Fried Chicken was average, it was basically chicken pakora. The quantity was a lot for 2 persons and we couldn’t finish it eventually(not that I’m complaining about the quantity ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I was amazed to see that the even the ketchup they served along with chicken was diluted. Why would a place like this do such petty things!

Both the cocktails were decent, I’ve had better LITs and mojitos. There was a basic issue with LIT, the straw was not long enough for the glass ๐Ÿ™‚

Moreover, all the places I’ve been to so far, allow to choose different drinks for happy hours if prices are same. Our server gave me some weird excuse of different ingredients, when I asked him if I could get a margarita instead of mojito. Did he mean the bartender had already prepared my second glass when I ordered my mojito?

I had heard and read such great things about this place, and refused to give up even after so many mishaps. So we ordered a potion of pinwheel delight. They were mushrooms stuffed with cheese and crumb fried, and came along with some mayonnaise. Compared to the other dishes and drinks, these mushrooms were the only good thing we had that evening.

They turned up their music around 8 and it felt like loud and jarring noise. But after a while they thankfully tuned it down, and we could have a decent conversation.

After a while another server came to get feedback on food and drinks. I showed him the bowl of chopped onions which was served as salsa. And gave some feedback on nachos too. He was nice enough to accept that whatever was served as salsa was not actually so.

I was happy to see that they actually took my feedback seriously, when their chef appeared at our table. He offered to make us a small portion of nachos with proper toppings and salsa too!

Unfortunately, this second portion of nachos turned out to be almost the same. The only difference was a few beans(that I could count on my fingers) scattered on the nachos. And the elusive salsa never arrived ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I was sad to see so much so much food going waste, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to have another plate of nachos.

Not wishing to stay there any longer, we quickly downed our drinks, paid the check and left.

I will probably go back once more, and just once more to try out their Goan curries. Such a waste of a beautiful place.

Want to know who came up with the potent concoction of LIT? Read here.

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