Coffee & desserts @Cafe Noir, Phoenix Market City

Came far from our house to Phoenix market city over the weekend to catch a certain movie that I didn’t want to watch (I was lured into it by Mr. Husband, but I came out happy since he didn’t like it either ;)).

We had some time to kill before the show, and having never been to Cafe Noir, we decided to visit it. “Noir”(pronounced as nwaa) literally translates to “black” in French, and “café noir” means “black coffee”.

This particular outlet is located in the beautiful courtyard of Phoenix Market city, and has both indoor and alfresco seating. The cafe is done in all black and grey and looks charming.

They had an array of delectable desserts, pastries and french breads on display. Every single dish on their extensive menu looked exquisite, but none of us was very hungry. So we decided to just order coffee and tea.

But then I spotted some colorful macarons on display, and thought to myself that I’d regret later if I don’t taste them 😀

So we ordered for cold cafe(black cold coffee), earl grey tea(black), vanilla and chocolate macarons, a red velvet cake and a croissant (and I thought we were not very hungry!)

Everything we had ordered arrived soon on our table. Red velvet cake was rich and heavenly. We had asked not to add sugar in the coffee, but what came was with sugar. But it tasted so nice, we decided not to complain 🙂 I am not someone who likes black coffee, but this one is to die for!

Croissant was an absolute delight, full of crispy flaky goodness. It was buttery, but not at all rich. Loved it!

Nothing much to say about Earl Grey, it always tastes good 🙂

Unfortunately I didn’t like macarons much. There was something wrong with their texture, and probably they were too dense as well. Maybe it was just a bad day!

I will definitely recommend this place, for its beautiful decor, delicious coffees and desserts. Will surely come back to try out other dishes from their menu.

P.S. Do you know the difference between macarons and macaroons? Read here.

Cafe Noir Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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