Musoorie tales-Part II

After our excellent coffees at “Cafe By The Way“, we decided to explore the Mall road some more. Checked out a couple of shops, bought a few goodies and then it was dinner time. We had a few recommendations, but all of them were to close by 11:00 pm. We finally found a place called The Imperial Square, right next to Library Chowk. It looked good and the best part was that it’s closing time was midnight.

The restaurant is a part of Hotel Imperial Square. There are couple of more restaurants and lounges in the same hotel. Ambiance was okay (too many lights actually) and we got a table of our choice.

We quickly ordered for a round of beers and cocktails, veg spring rolls and fried corn. Service was good, and our order didn’t take very long. Cocktails turned out to be surprisingly good.  Both the starters had generous portions. Spring rolls were extremely oily, and were not at all palatable. Corn on the other hand, was quite nice. The second round of cocktails didn’t turn out to be that nice, bay breeze tasted quite syrupy. Lesson learnt: Don’t experiment too much with cocktails at such places 😀

For main course we ordered the usual staples- dal makhni, palak paneer and assorted breads. All of them were pretty good (guess I’m getting a little bored of dal makhni now :P).

They had live music also, and the singer’s soulful melodies totally made our evening. Had it not been for him, we might have skipped dinner and gone someplace else.

You’ll get similar food at many restaurants, but the beautiful live music sets this place apart. Do visit if you re in Musoorie.


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