Musoorie tales-Part I

Our home trip has been a little hectic so far, but definitely enjoyable. We came to Musoorie today. It is aptly called “Queen of hills”. The drive from Nahan to Musoorie was picturesque. The whole route consists of beautiful tree covered mountains and green luscious valleys.
You can see clouds floating all around or even descending upon you like huge cotton balls at night.

We stopped midway for tea and snacks at a resort called Asan Conservation Resort near Herbertpur. It’s a beautiful quaint place, with a river view.



Do stop at this place, not for the food but definitely for the charming view.

We got stuck in multiple traffic jams near to Musoorie. The city is not really delightful. It’s extremely crowded and not very clean.

We got a drop from our hotel to Library chowk, from where we walked quite a lot on the mall road. It was difficult to peacefully walk around because of the unruly crowd and vehicles.

We spotted a cafe called “Cafe By The Way”, which looked interesting.
This cute little cafe is near to the quite famous Chick Chocolates, and is not very easy to spot.

The walls had some posters and there were beautiful oldies playing in the background.


Music was audible, but not too loud to interfere in conversations. My eyes instantly spotted board-games stacked in a corner and we played scrabble for a while 😀

We ordered for cappuccino, americano, hazelnut flavoured cold coffee, veggie garlic bread and veggie sandwich.

All the coffees were excellent. Sandwiches were good, but a little too hot. There were too many green chilies for our liking.

Will definitely recommend this place for its unique decor, delicious coffees and board-games. If you are bored of walking on the crowded mall road, and want some quiet, this is the place to be.



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