Timber trail resort, Parwanoo

Today’s plan was to visit a charming resort called Timber Trail resort in Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh.

They have a cable car ride which goes from one end of the resort to another over kaushalya river valley. The ride is somewhat expensive and we had to wait for a really long time in the queue, but the ride and view were totally worth the price and wait 🙂

We spent a little time strolling around, enjoying the weather and clicking pictures.


The cable car rides close at 5:00 pm, so we had to rush for lunch. We ordered for a chicken alfredo pasta, dal makhni, a mushroom spinach curry(don’t remember the name), malai kofta and some breads.

Each of the Indian dishes was delicious. Dal makhni was creamy and cooked to perfection. You get the freshest of mushrooms in these areas and the flavours are amazing.
Good missi rotis are something I really miss in bangalore, and the ones we ordered were lovely. Crisp and liberally coated with butter, they tasted divine.

We finished our meal with delicious hot gulabjamuns which were rich and savoury.

This place is highly recommended. Do not miss the cable car ride and succulent food, if you are in the vicinity.


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