Zirakpur food diaries

We are in Zirakpur(it’s on the outskirts of Chandigarh) these days, visiting home. Punjabis are passionate about food and this town is no exception. There are very few fancy restaurants in the neighborhood, but the street food is exciting.

Had a scrumptious typical Punjabi lunch of kadi chawal and gobhi aloo prepared by my mum-in-law, who’s an excellent cook. And I ended my food with some delicious mangoes, dusheri mangoes actually which I was longing for, back in Bangalore.

In the evening we went out on a lookout for a certain momo seller (these are pubjabified momos :D), but he seemed to be missing.

So we had to settle down with a newly opened “chaat showroom” (fancy names!), which had some teething issues. But that didn’t deter is from trying out it’s multi flavored pani puris and some chats.

I’m eating way too many sweets and other goodies here…so much for counting calories!



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