Fish & Fries, HSR

I absolutely love fish & chips, and this is probably the only place near my house which delivers them. As the name suggests, its menu consists of different preparations of fish amongst other things. I chose to order herb crusted fish & fries using zomato.

And so, I started picturing beautiful batter fried fish and yummy tartar sauce.

But as I am writing this blog, there’s a funny taste in my mouth and slightly uneasy feeling in my stomach after all the oil I consumed :-/

Order delivery took a considerable amount of time, since the restaurant’s delivery person had mixed up my apartment number.

Packing was neat, and food looked ok, though nowhere near to my mental images of beautiful golden fried fish 🙂


Their garlic bread doesn’t really qualify as garlic bread, since it was soaked in oil and had no flavor of garlic whatsoever. Fries were crisp, and were mildly coated with chilly flakes and herbs. The taste however, was not so good. Probably because they were fried in the same oil as fish. Tartar sauce wasn’t nice as well, and tasted somewhat milky.

The chunks of fish were decent in size. Taste was average at best, nice batter but loaded with oil that had been reused many times. Fish was overcooked and had gone mushy.  Ravenous, I finished all of it, ended up feeling distinctly uneasy and vouched never to eat from here again!

Word of advice: Vegetarians, please avoid this place, since you won’t be able to tolerate the smell of food that is cooked in the same oil used for frying fish/chicken. Non-vegetarians, avoid it, unless you have nowhere else to eat.

Fish & Fries Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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