Nachos etc @Eurasia Eurasia Pasta and Barbeque by Little Italy, Jayanagar

A certain hungry afternoon took to this eatery recently. I had heard good things about this place at work and was eager to try it out.

We went to first floor and there were a few tables outside, but it was warm, so we decided to sit inside.

The place is so cramped that you would unwillingly become listeners to conversations at all the other tables 🙂

They have an extensive menu, and I was surprised to see Mongolian and Mexican fares (since I presumed this was similar to Little Italy).

We ordered for nachos with refried beans, quesadillas and some wine. Our server was too eager to show us the wine menu, so eager that he didn’t even let us look at the other pages!

Nachos were pretty good, topped with gooey cheese, beans, some green peppers and definitely hit the spot. I loved the salsa too, it was sort of pureed, but tasted quite nice and fresh.
Quesadillas were good too. The stuffing was delectable, loaded with veggies and cheese. However, there was an issue with the tortilla, it had gone soggy and mushy at the bottom.

By the time we finished these, the place had become so noisy that we would couldn’t take it anymore and decided to move.

The billing took a while, there was some issue with their card machine.

Not sure if I would like to go back, despite their good food. There were so many small things that put me off-

  • Cramped and extremely noisy dining area
  • Cash machine not being brought to your table. This is a very small thing, but at a place like this, you don’t want to stand and wait at the billing counter for payment
  • Servers who won’t even let you check the menu in peace

Eurasia Pasta and Barbeque by Little Italy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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