Sunday lunch @Biere Club, Lavelle Road

We had crossed this place millions of times and never got around to visiting it.

On sunday however, we had plans of visiting another place on St. Marks road, but there was no parking available and we decided to try out biere club. Lucky us!

This place has a beautiful rustic vibe and we both fell in love with the place instantly.
They had a nice selection of brews, so we ordered a wheat beer, a mojito and hummus with assorted chips.

Service was lightening fast, and everything appeared instantly on our table. Beer was great, mojito a tad too sweet but then not bad. I didn’t like the hummus platter much. Hummus lacked any flavour, and the other dip-not sure what it was (maybe tomato and red pepper?) was also not that good. Sweet potato chips lacked crunch.

Since we loved the ambiance and drinks so much, we decided to try out a couple more things from their menu. So we ordered a mango beer- as funny as it sounds, another wheat beer (I not being a beer guzzler, loved their brew), and a grilled mediterranean  vegetables with pesto pizza.

Mango beer turned out to be quite nice actually. It was not sweet at all, just had the essence of mango. Pizza took a little while to arrive, but was totally worth the wait.

We totally loved the pizza. Base was perfect, wafer thin and baked to perfection. Pesto was not overwhelming. Lots of grilled veggies, and delicious.


This place is a must visit  for its brews and laid-back ambiance. Hope I get to visit it again sometime soon!

The Biere Club Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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