Disappointing food@Earth Plate, HSR

This Saturday, we both were craving for sizzlers but didn’t want to venture anywhere far from our house. So HSR it was, and having already tried Once upon a flame, we ended up at Earth Plate.

There are eateries that make you feel happy the moment you enter them, and then there’s Earth Plate. It looked dead. Yes, that’s the word I’m sticking to. The place felt stuffy, and somewhat smelly too. It seemed like fresh air hardly ever entered the place.

Neither of us liked the restaurant, but since it was already late and we were still hopeful that the place might serve good food despite the suffocating ambience, we decided to give it a try. We ordered for a traditional north italian minestrone soup(Sounds fancy? Read on) and chene se bhara khumb (mushrooms stuffed with cottage cheese).

Soup didn’t take very long, I was not hoping for fine china dinnerware, but cheap melamine? I told myself to neglect all that and concentrate on the food. Soup was average, desi style sweet tomato soup with a bunch of chopped boiled veggies and traces of chopped penne pasta. I also committed the mistake of using their cloth napkin and felt disgusted after doing so. It was smelly and maybe already used.

Kebab took a little longer and didn’t look very appetizing. The mushrooms were quite big, a little burnt on the edges and filled with 95% onion and 5% of cottage cheese. The filling was not good and way too hot for our taste and both of us hated it. We just downed the soup and food as fast as we could, and vouched never to come back.

These guys claim to serve global cuisine, but they are basically a South Indian style North Indian place, which also serves sizzlers. Surprisingly while writing this review, when I opened the details on Zomato, I saw a different menu altogether which has a variety of appetizers, pasta etc which we never came across that day.

Won’t recommend this place, not even when you are out of options in HSR.

Earth Plate Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


One thought on “Disappointing food@Earth Plate, HSR

  1. Ramkumar Nagaraj May 28, 2016 / 23:12


    Me and my boy friend were planning to go here, i think we dodged a bullet.
    its barely 100 meters to our home on 14th main itself


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