Pizzas and more from Onesta, Koramangala

Onesta – check!

This place was long pending on our list and last time while visiting a nearby restaurant, we were amazed to see the long queues here. We decided to get pizzas for takeaway since I was not hoping to get any place there on a Friday.

I ordered for caramelized onion & mushroom pizza and pizza florentine. And their menu specifically says the pizzas are small, so I also ordered for cheese sticks, mushroom buns and a tiramisu.

Their guy called back in exactly 20 mins and informed that our order was ready. We reached to see the place fully packed. They have some outside seating as well, but it’s sort of congested. The interiors are neat and simple. I didn’t pay much attention though, since I was busy ogling at the yummy goodies kept on display πŸ˜€

Our food promptly arrived, neatly packed in small boxes. Looking at the pizza boxes, I was glad that I ordered 2 of them. But the quantity of appetizers also looked diminutive, so we eventually got stuff from Calvin’s as well.

Pizza florentine
Caramelized onion and mushroom pizza
Cheese stick, mushroom bun and tiramisu

Cheese stick turned out to be a single piece of bread stick torn into two. It didn’t taste fresh and there was hardly any cheese in it.

Mushroom bun on the other hand, was delicious. It was fresh and fluffy, and had decent amount of flavorful mushroom filling. It actually looked like a muffin πŸ™‚

Both the pizzas were good, but they could have certainly been better. Onion & mushroom was a little on the sweeter side, obviously due to the caramelized onions. Their Italian crust is not very thick, so you won’t feel stuffed after having it. Pizza florentine had hardly any feta cheese, but I won’t really complain since their pricing is so low and the pizza tasted quite nice. However, I think their pizzas could use some seasoning and a drizzle of olive oil.

Tiramisu was also decent, certainly not a gourmet preparation but good enough.


This place has basically got miniatures of all the dishes, so order accordingly. A must visit place if you love pizzas and want to try out different varieties without worrying about the bill.

I don’t think any other place in the city serves small thin crust pizzas. Will definitely go back for those next time.

Onesta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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