Mouthwatering pizzas@Northam’s Pizza.Pita, HSR

Rainy sunday evening and all you can think of is deep fried food 🙂 I’m trying to stay away from the likes of pakoras these days, so we thought of getting a pizza (you can see how health conscious we are!).

I had been to Northam’s earlier, and hadn’t liked it much because of their extremely slow service and of course the pizzas didn’t taste that good. But the review on zomato were so good, that we decided to try this place once more. I called them and asked for a takewaway of very very veggie pizza. Their guy said it’d take around 20 mins, but it took them almost 40 mins to prepare our pizza.

Can’t really comment on the decor/ambiance because they haven’t put any efforts into that. It’s basically a house(maybe the owner’s?) with some tables have been set up and kitchen at one end. Lighting’s not great, so I wouldn’t recommend this for a dine-in.

Their pizzas are not very big, so you need to order accordingly. Very very veggie pizza turned out to be very delicious. It was drizzled with olive oil, crust was baked to perfection, seasoning spot on and mozzarella was yummy. The base was not loaded with tangy tomato sauce which some place usually do.

Definitely recommend the place for their drool-worthy pizzas, but they need to do something about their painfully slow service.

Northam's Pizza.Pita Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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