Bizarre experience@Lauo Han, HSR

After getting a relatively small pizza at Northam’s, we decided to get some chinese from Lauo Han.

I placed an order for takeaway and the way their guy spoke, I should have taken the hint. But I didn’t and reached there after 10-15 mins, and started waiting at the reception since there were no servers around and no one at the counter.

After a while a haggard looking lady came and asked me what I wanted. Here’s how the bizarre conversation went:

Restaurant lady: Yes, what do you want?

Me: I had placed an order for takeaway. Soup and momos. Is it done?

Lady: No tables. Time lagta hai.

Me: But I don’t need a table. I had placed an order over the phone for soup and momos.

Lady: Can’t take order now. Time lagta hai.

Me: But I had already placed the order 15 mins back.

Lady checks a plastic bag lying nearby and says “No that’s not yours”.

Me: So how long do you think it might take?

Lady: No idea. Abhi nai hota. One hour lagta hai. Restaurant is full.

Me: Goes into shock and leaves

While leaving I heard her shooing away some more families who had come for dinner 🙂

Luo Han Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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